One day relationship and sex education course for education staff working with under 12s

Come and learn with the experts

Delivering in over 100 primary schools every year, this introduction to primary relationship and sex education will give you lots of practical advice and opportunity to hear first hand from the experts.

Course Aim – Get ready for statutory RSE

In the light of our rapidly changing society with the Internet altering the way that we and our children communicate and access information, this new course  reframes RSE in primary years, in a way that is aligned to new Government & OFSTED expectations.

It shows how we ensure the generation coming through now are not only protected, but knowledgeable and confident when it comes to their bodies, emotions, relationships and later sex.

Designed for participants to gain or improve their knowledge and confidence when working with Primary Children and their families, it offers age appropriate solutions to the difficulties children are now facing.

A tried and tested approach to RSE in the technological 21st Century.

Learning Outcomes

Be aware of current government situation regarding statutory RSE.

Understand how to get your school ready for statutory RSE, including understanding of what RSE should be covered in Primary Schools, with an example curriculum to take away.

Leave the day with a completed RSE policy for your school in line with the new 2019 DfE guidance.

Ways to address and keep children safe discussing issues such as: abuse, exploitation, pornography, sexting, same sex relationships, transgender etc. in a gentle age appropriate way.

Understand our own values and attitudes around working with children and RSE and practice answering questions.


Who is this course for?

Primary school staff including teachers, pastoral staff, play workers, youth workers, foster carers and children’s centre staff.

Primary Relationship and Sex Education
One Day Course Dates

DoncasterDate To Be Confirmed

For course booking, enquiries or requests for specific dates and locations please contact us through the form below, at or call the BigTalk Education office on 01724 782618.


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